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The scientific study of the nervous system involves a lot of complications and intricacies. These intricacies can only be handled by professionals who have mastered this field and have an enormous amount of experience in the same. The team of Neurosciences Department at HLG Hospital seamlessly puts in efforts to diagnose and treat any kind of neurological disorder like head or spinal cord injuries, strokes, brain tumors, headaches and movement disorders. Both the diagnostic and therapeutic aspects of neuroscience and treatment are taken care of at this hospital by surgeons and specialists who have excellent academic and clinical credentials.

Here is a list of services that the Neurosciences Department of HLG Hospital offers:

1.       Neurotrauma which includes all kinds of:

·         Spinal cord injuries

·         Head injuries

·         Peripheral nerve injury

2.       Cerebrovascular Surgery that includes:

·         Stroke Surgery

·         AVM Surgery

·         Aneurysm Surgery

·         Surgery and treatment for Moya Moya disease

·         EC-IC bypass

·         Carotid Surgery

3.       Neuro-oncology that includes all types of: 

• Spinal Tumors
• Brain Tumors
• Peripheral nerve tumors
• Orbital tumors

4.       Spinal degenerative ailments such as:   

• Spondylolisthesis

• Spondylosis
     • Treatment for syringomyelia
     • Complicated spinal fixation


5.       Cranio-Vertebral junction surgery: This type of surgery includes Atlanto-axial dislocation and Chiari malformation.

6.       Treatment for hydrocephalus

7.       Paediatric neurosurgery including Spinal dysraphism and Meningocele repair.

8.       The surgery for Spinal Tuberculosis and hydatid diseases of the brain are also done at HLG.

Besides these cures and treatments that are available at HLG Hospital, you can also get treated for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Nerve and Muscle Biopsies, as well as Scalp and Skull Tumors. Offering a wide range of facilities, HLG Hospital leaves no stones unturned when it comes to treating the entire range of neurological diseases.

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