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Job Details

Nursing Staff

Require Nursing staff for General Ward, NICU, PICU, ICU trained. Preffered GNM, ANM, Freshers may also apply. 1. To ensure delivery of patient care through implementation of prescribed medication and monitoring effects. 2. To provide nursing care to patients based on established clinical practice standards. 3. To collaborate with other disciplines to ensure effective and efficient patient care delivery. 4. To maintain positive interpersonal relations with subordinates & seniors. 5. To promote a safe environment for patients, visitors and coworkers including the implementations of infection control policies of the hospital. 6. To perform the initial and reassessment of the patient within the defined time frame. 7. To check daily inventory of Medicines & Other Equipments. 8. To provide Pre & Post operative care to the inpatient as per protocols. 9. To provide health education to the patients as required. 10. To instruct IV Class staff for cleaning, changing of bed sheets, sponging the patient, other routine necessities of patients and biomedical waste management. Report Checking of all patients.(Supervisory). 11. To give priority to emergency cases and to co-ordinate with the consultants / respective department for the same. 12. To maintain appropriate departmental documentation. 13. To treat all communication about patients, staff, and other organizational business confidentially. 14. To perform all the jobs as may be assigned due to exigencies of work. E-mail CV: hr@hlghospital.com, Ph.: 8945531923